Population Health Innovation Lab (PHIL)

Population Health Innovation Lab

The Public Health Institute, Population Health Innovation Lab provides support for the VT ACH Community Peer to Peer Learning Laboratory. The word “lab” conjures up the idea of experiments, research, lab coats, and petri dishes. While we do not wear lab coats, the Innovation Lab is a space for experimentation and testing. Addressing population health is complex and traditional approaches to these problems are insufficient. Through our strategies, approach, partnerships and strong expertise our intent is to create a safe space to support the incubation, acceleration, and dissemination of solutions that improve health and improve quality of life.

Who Might Need a Lab?

The focus of our Lab is to create conditions where many perspectives come together to address issues that impact health and quality of life.  Examples of entities who may find need for a Lab:

  • Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives
  • Accountable Communities of/for Health
  • Philanthropy
  • Local Health Departments
  • State, regional and local government entities

How do We Do Our Work?

Our approach includes seeking opportunities and partners who work together in new ways with a shared intent of developing solutions to the most pressing issues affecting health. Typical approaches to solving problems often recreate similar systems and do not take into account a whole system perspective, as a result new or unintended problems surface. Decisions are often made without deep inquiry to understand all the factors that contribute to issues.

Some of our Current  Population Health Innovation Lab Work:

  • Vermont Accountable Community for Health Peer to Peer Learning Laboratory
  • Listening sessions across the US to inform the practical application of digital health solutions of vulnerable populations in the prevention and management of chronic non-communicable conditions (Aetna Foundation)
  • Test methodologies in two CA communities to work with community members in identifying IOM core metrics at the local level. (Blue Shield of CA Foundation)
  • Art of Hosting  Training Intensive – 3 day participatory leadership training intensives to build capacity in systemic transformation, collaboration and innovation (Fee and or grant based)

For more information:

Sue Grinnell, MPH
Director of Business Strategy and Technology
Population Health Innovation Lab
Public Health Institute