Vermont Accountable Communities of Health Learning Lab


We have a new Population Health Innovation Lab website! If you’d like to learn more about us and what we do, we encourage you to visit us there. We also want to make sure you maintain full access to all ACH relevant resources, so moving forward you will be able to retrieve these materials from the Networks for Purpose platform. We are preparing to sunset this page, so please contact for questions. Thank you! 


The Public Health Institute, Population Health Innovation Lab provides support for the VT ACH Community Peer to Peer Learning Laboratory.  The ACH Learning Lab is an 8 month journey where we are exploring with 10 sites across the state of Vermont what it means to be an ACH. The Learning Lab time period is from June 2016 to February 2017.  During our time together we will hold three convening’s and knowledge camp webinars in between the gatherings.

This website has been created in support of the Vermont Communities on the ACH journey.  It will be continually revised as information is gathered and practices are shared. If you have a great resource that should be added, please contact Sue Grinnell

ACH Peer Learning Lab Objectives

  • Increase participating Accountable Community of Health sites understanding of the 9 Core Elements of an ACH*;
  • Increase Accountable Community of Health sites readiness to implement  the 9 core elements with and for communities;
  • Increase communities’ understanding of community-based prevention and population health improvement strategies, and support communities in implementing these strategies;
  • Increase participant’s capacity to navigate complex challenges and co-create solutions with their peers into the future;
  • Offer recommendations to the state on policies and guidance that could support further development of ACHs in Vermont.

Public Health Institute ACH Learning Lab Team